Letter to Bert Small from Terry with reply from Bert

Fri, 9/12/08


Hope all is wonderful with you and yours.

I attended an open-mike spoken word event at a local coffee house, where a friend of mine presented her poetry with music in the background.  Others shared their poems or a song.  I have no poems, but plan to start work on some.  It was reminiscent of the late 60s….had me in tears alternating with loud laughing.

I would very much like to read some of your poems at the next event.  Do I have your permission?  Are there any you would NOT want me to read in public?

BTW – my poet friend said you should NOT have your poetry on line for people to get to FREE!!!  :O)

Life is sweet here – I am enjoying music, studying Spanish to become an interpreter, volunteering at the botanical garden, and currently learning to play the balafon – the teacher (www.nabycamara.com) is a Guinean griot, 3rd generation balafon player and I’m REALLY lucky to learn from him as he is based in Seattle.  I know nothing about the music, just love it so….

Hope you and Anola will come up and visit sometime.

Good health, smiles, and laughter!!


Dear Terry,

Poetry should belong to the people; read whatever you want to read.