The American Nightmare: “When America Was Great”

When the Europeans discovered California,
there were over 1 million Native Americans living here peacefully.
In 1848, the first governor of California spent $1 million in bounties
to exterminate the Native Americans.
He offered $5 for an adult red skin and 25 cents for a child’s red skin.
The average salary in the Disunited States
was 25 cents per day.
The federal government reimbursed California for its expenses.
Sutter enslaved the Native Americans in his fort.
When his concubine escaped, he sent his posse after her and her lover.
They were beheaded and their heads put on spikes in front of the fort.
Today, Sutter is the name of the largest hospital chain in Northern California,
and Sutter’s fort is a famous state tourist site in Sacramento.
In 1637, the governor of Massachusetts celebrated the first Thanksgiving;
he was celebrating the massacre of the Connecticut Pequot Indians
by the Massachusetts militia.
Perhaps we should call Thanksgiving “Native American Holocaust Day.”
In California, we exterminated the grizzly bears;
we exterminated the timber wolves,
and we attempted to exterminate the Native Americans.
This left us with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Washington Redskins.
When Hitler was making Deutschland great,
he originally named his bulletproof train Amerika,
in honor of American extermination of the Native Americans.
In preparing his eugenic exterminating plan for the mentally ill,
Hitler studied California’s eugenics laws;
California sterilized over 8000 people, mostly black and brown.
This included one of my patients who was poor, black, and ran away from home.
His white buddy was not sterilized, because his buddy was Catholic.
California and the Nazis have a lot in common;
they both had miscegenation laws.
In 1943, my mother and father-in-law had to go to Seattle, Washington to get married;
it was illegal for them to marry in California.
Governor Jerry Brown signed a repeal
of the eugenics sterilization law in 1973.
The Nazis based their concentration camps on Native American reservations.
America followed the German model in creating concentration camps for the Japanese.
The Nazis murdered Jews, the Roma, communists, the mentally retarded,
and anyone they disliked.
Now our Fool in Chief thinks that there were good people
among the Nazis who butchered over 20 million people during World War II.
The Fool oinks:“Make America great again! America uber alles!”
One day the American people will shout out to the Fool:
“Slavery, lynchings, and genocide were never great.”
The Fool cannot fool all the people all the time.
One day the American people will turn the broken pot into a melting pot.
The American people will one day turn the American nightmare
into an American dream.