Letter to Dr. Small from John Dise

Thanks go to you for assisting these many people for years with no money or insurance. You are a saint. You are a role model. More people should appreciate the efforts of MLK and Miss Parks and other people who have made it possible for us to be doctors and professors. I appreciate Opra for what she did for Obama. I know without Opra there would be no president Obama so we need to acknowledge her for her efforts. Of course without MLK there would be no Opra. We all have to make an effort to push up the next. So my little donation to you and my donation to Palomar College ’s Afro American Scholarship Program is my small effort to assist the next Afro-American to get higher up than I achieved.

I appreciate my relationship with you and your family. You have always made me feel like family and I have always appreciate that about you and your family. I love you and your family like my own family. You are a good man. Keep in touch.