Message from Billy X, April 2011

Everybody knows Dr. Small (Bert) – doctor to George Jackson, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and the Black Panther Party.  He was the doctor in charge of the George Jackson Free Medical Clinic and now works at the Harriet Tubman Health Clinic in Oakland.  Many don’t know his beautiful, hard-working wife and partner, Anola. Bert and Anola are a great couple and they have shown plenty of love for the Oakland community over many years.  They share the same birthday – April 10th.

I didn’t know Anola was Marty and Phil Price’s little sister. The Price brothers were members of ODAC (community action organization founded by Mark Comfort) and friends of George Jackson.  I did know she worked with the Soledad Brothers Defense Committee and was a  member of The Angela Davis Defense committee, but I didn’t know that Anola named the clinic after Harriet Tubman.   I also didn’t know Anola has four different degrees!

Sunday April 10th was a good day. The drive from Sacramento was great as usual, the rolling hills were all green, traffic was light and the sun bright in the sky. I got to the party at the right time, got a seat and was offered a nice cool drink by Dr. Small.

The Smalls’ back yard was filled with family and friends, many of whom gave testimony of the love and care Anola showed them while growing up. Brother Emory was there and gave Anola one of  his new creations with a face of Eddie Conway on it.  Brother Elder Freeman, Sister  Maryilyn and Sundiata were also present.

We all had a good time. Happy Birthday again, Anola and Bert!