50 Years: The Jesuit Way

In 1959, we stood naked beneath the sun.
In 2009, we stand fully clothed beneath the moon.
We stand now dressed as teachers, lawyers, doctors
And poets.

We were molded in the Jesuit Way.
Develop yourself to the fullest
So that you can reach out to help others.
Each one lift one.

Lift yourself up
So that you can not only lift up the people you love;
But so that you can also lift up the populus mundi.

Latin taught us discipline.
Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres…*
Quo usque tandem, abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?**

Greek taught us the art of love:
Andra moi ennepe mousa polutropon
‘os mala polla***

We stand now mounted on the altar
Of discipline, love, and compassion.
The Jesuit Way.

As we stand dressed beneath the moon,
Facing the twilight of our lives,
Our wings fly with the wisdom of justice
Through struggle.

*”All Gaul is divided into three parts,” from Julius Caesar
**”How far will you abuse our patience, Cataline?” from Cicero’s first oration against Cataline
***”Oh Muse, tell me about the resourceful man who did many things,”
from Homer’s Odyssey