The Night Crystal

In the spirit of the night, a single fire burns
To lighten the sky with sparks of freedom
Yes, the free flow of ideas.

This fire burns to lighten the sky
With the spirit of knowledge.
Yes, knowledge to educate the ignorant.

This fire lights the sky with the spirit of healing.
Yes, they who need healing have a right to be healed.

This fire burns to fill the bellies of the hungry
To bring water to those who thirst,
To educate the ignorant,
To give wisdom to the educated,
To heal the ill,
To bring truth to the politicians,
To bring morality to those who preach religion,
To bring freedom to buy and sell,
But not to exploit.

Somewhere, in the spirit of the night,
A lone fire strives to burn.
Oh, Night Crystal, you stand naked and brilliant beneath the sun.
You stand alone, sparkling beneath the dark clouds of greed.

In the spirit of the night, a lone fire quivers
Beneath a raging storm of war, plague, and greed.
A lone fire quivers as the daemons of despair
Rain down their deadly seed of blight.

As the worm rots the apple, so greed will rot the world.
Jealous of our hope, the dark clouds of war and pestilence
Storm down upon us to shatter the night crystal.
The gods of greed shatter our night crystal
To splinter jagged glass daemons into the world.

The spirit of hope, the spirit of a child unborn,
Shall one day walk amongst us
To relight our beloved night crystal

No matter how many times the vines
Of freedom, hope, and love are trampled;
Their seeds will always sprout forth again.