The Good Politician

When the power structure squeaks, “Right is wrong.”
The Good Politicians shouts out, “Right is right.”
When the storms of unjust wars rain down upon us,
She fights for the peace found in all of our hearts.
She knows that once the seeds of peace have been planted in blood;
They will always sprout forth again and again.

When the clouds of death hover over us,
The Good Politician stands strong against the winds of tyranny.
She speaks the truth when lies roam the land.
She strives the mountain tops for the poor and helpless.
She fights for:
And economic justice.
She fights for
The end of racism
And religious bigotry.
She fights to end hunger, greed, and poverty.

She bows to neither kings nor presidents nor princes of wealth.
The Good Politician only bows to the people she serves.

In her final hours, the seeds that she has planted will
Insure that her spirit will continue to speak truth to power

To Maudelle Shirek,
Thank you for 93 years of serving the people.
Your spirit will retire only when the sun no longer rises.
Give them hell! Maudelle.