The Last Star

Mother of the dawn, Mother of our stars, Mother of the wind,
Bearer of the dew, we hail thee; we bow before thee.
Lovers yes, but friends always; Friend of friends,
We see you in the light:
Visions of you bring forth:
A fragrant flower forever blossoming,
A garden of joy waiting to be picked,
A juicy fruit lusting to be tasted,
A full chasm of desire, moaning to be filled,
A warm body quivering with desire,
A satisfying woman throbbing to be satisfied.
Let kisses anoint our bodies with oil as our love grows stronger.
Naked, let us dance beneath the sun.

Visions of you bring forth:
A woman of all seasons,
A brilliant healer laboring with the poor,
A strong willed bastion against the storms of petty men,
A high tech woman in a low tech world,
A toiler of hours and a healer of men,
A woman of brilliance, a woman of many talents,
But above all the lover of Orion.