The Great Trailblazer

We hear the echo of your great voice
Now silent but still singing out
Against racism, against injustice.
Your brave heart, now silent,
Still beats out against oppression.
In your heart, the wings never sleep.

Like a stout oak tree, your roots
Stretch down to the souls of your people.
Your branches stretch upward, yearning
For the freedom, denied your people.
We salute your brave journey.
Stout hearted man, we bow to your courage.
In our hearts, your fighting spirit will forever live.

They who tried to silence you,
Only silenced themselves.
Your spirit shall forever live
In the hearts of the brave,
As long as one voice cries out,
Feed the hungry,
Shelter the homeless,
Clothe the naked,
Heal the sick.

You live,
As long as one voice fights for justice.
You live;
Not even death can silence your voice.

When our men were “boys”,
Your black manhood stood out.
Like a giant among us,
You were always a man.
You were always a man for all seasons.