The Graduate

Armed with new ideas and thoughts,
Strengthened by the iron will of our ancestors,
So we grew in knowledge and wisdom.

A growth not just for ourselves,
Not just for our families, but for our world,
Our studies, to learn, to think, to judge, to act,
Have planted the seed to bring forth a rich harvest
For our people, the Populus Mundi.

Let us use the arts and science
To break down the walls of ignorance and greed.
Let us use our knowledge and wisdom
To fight poverty, racism, and classism.

Thus the sun shall rise in our hearts
To light a new path of struggle.
As the stage of the world opens up,
So we salute our new graduates.
They who burnt the candles to light the world.

We salute you
Remember Graduates,
We must learn that knowledge is just a collection of facts.
We must have the wisdom to judge those facts.
We must have the courage to act upon that judgment.