The Wedding

Two spirits, Yin and Yang, melted together.
Water and fire forged together with an indelible link.
Man and Woman joined together to create man and woman.
Our union shall bear forth rich fruit from the planting of the seed
To the harvesting of the corn.

Sperm meets egg; egg meets sperm.
Egg conquers sperm; sperm conquers egg.
Egg surrenders to sperm; sperm surrenders to egg.
As equals, we each hold up half the sky;
Together, we hold up the whole sky.

We shall raise our children
With love and dignity, with wisdom and courage.
As the north wind flows south, so the south wind flows north,
Now joined, they shall forever flow together.

From the joy of youth to the wrinkling of old age,
Our path shall flow together.
We shall stand together through the high and lows,
Through the summer and winter,
Through the stormy clouds that lie ahead.

Love rests eternally
Like the ebb and flow of the ocean onto the sand.
We together form one spirit, one love.