Great pyramids, rise up from the desert to challenge the stars.
Oh monument to pharaoh, the living god, who built thee?
Surely, not pharaoh and the dead gods he worshipped.

Mighty acropolis, the height of the city,
The home of the great gods Zeus and Athena;
Who built thee?
Not Socrates.
Not Plato.
Not the great kings who bowed before thee.
What rough hands carved thy marble wonder?
How many backs were lashed to create your beauty?

Aeterna Roma, who built your great pagan temples?
Who built your mighty coliseum?
How many backs were lashed to create your beauty?
Who built your aqueducts?
Aqueducts that perpetually flows into each century.
Slaves, truly the most came from the least.

Great White House, cradle of democracy, eternal seat of freedom,
Who cast thy heroic bronze statues?
Who carved thy pristine white marble walls?
Did the lazy dark people build this citadel of freedom?
How many slaves’ backs were lashed to create our great White House?
Truly, the slaves who crawled through your backdoor built your front door.