Pre-Constantine, the pagans butchered the Christians
Post-Constantine, the Christians burned the pagans at the stake.
Perhaps revolution only means a change in dictatorships.

In the American Revolution, we changed
From a dictatorship of the monarchy
To a dictatorship of the corporations.
In the French revolution we changed from a
Dictatorship of the Bourbons to the dictatorship of the Bonopartes.
In Liberia, the former slaves became the new slave masters.
In the Russian revolution we changed from a white dictatorship
To a red dictatorship.

At least with the red bureaucracy,
The illiterate became literate.

In China, “the Great Helmsman” decreed a Marxist revolution;
Their motto became: “To make money is glorious.”
In the twentieth century, the fascists cremated the children of Israel;
Now the state of Israel slaughters the Palestinians.
The tormented now wear the mask of the tormentors.
In Cambodia, the liberators became executioners
The Iranian revolution overthrow an oppressive monarchy
So that they could create an oppressive theocracy.
In Zimbabwe, the former freedom fighters
Now reign as bone breakers.

Perhaps in revolution, the only change is
That the exploited become the exploiters.
Perhaps, in revolutions,
The more things change;
The more they remain the same.
In truth, maybe the only change
Is that the oppressed become the oppressors.