The Mastah (Rapist)

How many of us look like we came from West Africa?
When we lookin the mirror,
We see the rape of our ancestors.
Twenty-five percent of all the slaves
Were direct descendants of the male slave masters.
Three of my great-grandparents
Were children of the slave master.

George Washington had a child
By a 19 year old slave called Venice.
When Venice’s descendants asked
The Mount Vernon estate for DNA test,
The estate replied “We can’t do that;
George Washington is the father of our country.”
Maybe that is why there are so many African-Americans
With the last name of Washington.

Thomas Jefferson’s concubine,Sally Hemmings,
Was the half-sister of his late white wife.
He not only kept Sally in the big house,
He also kept Sally’s sister in the big house.
The writer of the Declaration of Independence
Actually sold some of his children down the river.

Thomas Jefferson, Senator James Eastland,
Governor Ross Barnett, and Bull Connors
All believed in segregation during the day
But integration at night.
They worshiped segregation
When the sun was shining
But just like vampires, they practiced integration
When the moon came out.
That is why, when we look in the mirror,
We see the rape of our ancestors